Dear church people,
Anastasia Hacopian

hey there Anastasia,

i think i get your cry and i am sorry it has come to that — i have just written a book called ‘i, church’ with a big focus on church being bigger than most people imagine but probably a bigger focus on the need for us to see church as identity — as bride of Christ and as body of Christ and how both of those need to happen every single day, not once a week in a meeting space and how they have to inform our lives and our decisions and our stances on political issues and so on… So i hope, while you give up on bad church or bad example of church, that you won’t give up on being the church as if you are a follower of Jesus that is instantly the DNA you hold and cannot escape — but can hopefully find more loving, kind and real lived out ways of living out…

i imagine we would not agree on all things but i hope that in terms of how we are able to live out our disagreements and how we need to be majoring in Love no matter what our opinions are, we might be able to find some common ground.

Keep on believing and living it out and loving well

love brett fish

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