I, Racist
John Metta

Hi John. Thank you for this. My name is Brett “Fish” and i am one of the privileged white people — i live in South Africa where we have as hectic a story [if not more so because ours was legalised or maybe less so because yours wasn’t at certain times] and i really am trying to be someone who listens and so i hope you will not stop speaking to white people although i hear how frustrating it must be when you are constantly confronted with excuse or denial or protection of the ‘oh but surely not me’ — all i can say is i am sorry — living in the USA for three years [18 months in kensington in Philly and then 18 months in Oakland, SF] and following stories like Trayvon Martin and Ferguson and way too many more really helped me to gain a greater passion for being an instrument of change or at least listening and platform-sharing and conversation and more. i know that i’m probably getting it a whole lot more wrong than write, even trying to be a part of the solution or understand where the best place is to stand as an ally or supporter or cheerleader, but i want to learn and i want to know how best to serve you and especially the black men and women in my own country. We need voices like yours. i need voices like yours. So please be gentle and gracious when i get it wrong even in how i ask my request or how i try set myself up to listen and when i ask the wrong questions. i do see the problem and am just trying to figure out how i as one person [among many people who completely don’t and some people who partially do and a bunch who really get it] can be part of a healthy change towards the better…

i have a blog which i have been trying to use as a platform for others to share their voice from as one small thing i can offer — https://brettfish.wordpress.com/south-africa/

Thank you for your time

love brett fish

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