Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf and leaders of UNCF and Thurgood Marshall College Fund voice their support for the bipartisan IGNITE HBCU Excellence Act.

Wells Fargo recently celebrated International Women’s Day with a survey that highlights how a women are approaching finances in a changing world.

Wells Fargo stories recently published a survey that shows millennials and Gen Zers are moving quickly to save for the future and that is a very good as society moves forward to get through the global pandemic.

Wells Fargo — well done.

Earlier this year the Creek Fire devastated Raymond California and the town has slowly been rebuilding while dealing with the Covid pandemic.

Wells Fargo recently stepped in with a $50,000 donation to the Central California Food Bank and clearly provided a tremendous helping hand during this very challenging holiday season. well done.

Brett Grimes

Brett Grimes — Experienced Advisor at Major Investment Firm

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