An Open Letter to “The Profit”

I recently applied to be on a reality show that will be called, “The Partner.” Currently, there is a show that I love called, “The Profit.” The show is about a billionaire named Marcus Lemonis. Marcus buys failing businesses and turns them around for a profit.

As a child my father started a business in our basement. When that company reached a level of success he bought a failing business. It took years of work but eventually he turned that business around for a profit. As a child my father was my hero and it has always been my goal to turn businesses around for a profit.

Life has not turned out as expected. There have been many setbacks and challenges that have led me to where I am today. Today, I live and work in Silicon Valley. I help early stage companies find the resources they need to scale their companies.

I have a great passion for helping people build their businesses. I have spent many years volunteering, building community and in so many ways helping aspiring entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. It has been a long and somewhat painful journey. In many ways, I have little to show for my effort. I do not have equity in UBER like my former boss. I have not experienced a big exit or even a major win and that is OK. I will have my success and I will play a small but important role in many reaching their potential.

I have taken the road less traveled but I am certain it will pay off. It is my sincere hope that not only am I selected to be on the show but I ultimately win and get to do this for a living.


Brett Noyes