Going Fishing

My uncle Gary passed away many years ago. He was a very talented individual that walked to the beat of his own drum. I did not always understand him but I learned very important lessons from him. Here is the most important one.

One summer I spent a week with my grandfather. My grandfather enrolled me in a local fishing tournament. My uncle took it upon himself to take me out fishing everyday leading up to tournament. He continually talked about winning the tournament. I told him I did not care about winning. I just wanted to have fun. To that he responded,

I am not investing my time in you for you to have fun. I am investing in you to win.

At that moment it sunk in. He was investing his time and expertise into me because he wanted me to win the tournament. If I won, he also won. I could have fun on my own time. As long as I was with him it was about winning. It changed my attitude and my focus.

In that tournament I did not catch the biggest fish but I caught the most fish. I got there earlier and stayed to the very end. Some of my competitors were better than me but none were more dedicated. This mentality is what I am looking for in entrepreneurs that I work with.

Similar to my uncle I believe if you win I win. I am doing this as a stepping stone to building an accelerator and a fund. If you are dabbling in entrepreneurship or taking a break from the corporate world, I am not interested in working with you. If you are building a great company, I am excited to play a small role in your success.