New Finance Shark Tank

Happy to announce that I will be a “Shark” at the upcoming New Finance event on November 8th, 2016. Signup here!


This month we’re hosting a Shark Tank, the familiar Shark vs Entrepreneur pitch. Each Entrepreneur gets to pitch to our Sharks who each have $1Million in virtual money to invest, whoever gets the greatest total investment wins the event.

If you’re a seed stage FinTech company looking for funding then you will definitely want to pitch at this event, please drop one of the Organisers a line if you’d like a slot.


Kevin Smith, CEO and Founder, Seedchange, Invest in what’s next, Early Stage Investing for Investment Professionals

Steve Dunn, founder of FinTech lab with a focus on seed and early stage B2B solutions

Brett Noyes, Founder and Managing Director of, a FinTech focused incubator located in the Bay Area


Jason Aspiotis, Founder and CEO of Finsophy, a marketplace for personal-impact-banking, connecting Millennials (and more) to meaningful finance

Christopher Hussain, Founder/CEO of RealKey, Making Buying a House and Getting a Mortgage Simpler for All Parties Involved

Abhishek Agarwal, CEO & Founder, Croudify, a Roboadvisor for P2P and Crowd Investing, Advice, Analytics and Tools to manage your investments in Lending Club