The greatest painting is not from the brush, but from the patience to wait for perfection.

Guns N’ Roses sang about it passionately in one of their most successful songs of all time. Some people play it as a card game to pass the time. What is it? Patience. Thanks to the internet we can watch, buy and discuss just about anything immediately. We won’t wait for a letter in the mail, and we quit going to the gym after three sessions because we haven’t lost weight. We use drive-thru bottle shops and pre-prepared meals delivered to our homes. We skip the ads in tv shows we’ve recorded, and we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have. The business world is no different. We send emails because meetings take too long, and we fire people because they’re not a star in a couple of weeks.

Axle Rose sure could teach us a thing or two when he says “all we need is just a little patience”.

What if instead of giving up and firing someone after a couple of weeks, we were patient and invested more time and energy in to helping them secure their career. What would the rewards be? A team member who felt supported and confident in those around them. What about the customers who speak to that team member? They would value the experience they were provided, because the team member went above and beyond for them like you did when supporting them. How about when the team member goes home and talks to their friends and family, and says positive things about the company they work for because they actually care about their people. Every single person in this equation is experiencing joy, because of patience.

The patience of investing in people and seeing them grow and develop, is a thing of beauty that you can only truly appreciate if you’ve done it.

So grab a pen and paper and write a letter, preferably to someone that might appreciate a patient and well written letter. Go to the gym and keep going, for days, weeks and months because your patience will pay off in the form of the results you were seeking when you became a member. Go to the store and buy ingredients that you’ll use to cook a feast for your friends or family, because your patience gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them. Oh, about those ads. Skip them. If you get through your favorite tv show faster you’ll be able to go to bed a little bit earlier, so you can read my latest article about being patient and think about how being more patient is going to help you tomorrow. Because it will, I promise.

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