Don’t Info Op Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes
the grugq

Looks like we already see it starting:

“Two hours before the debate began, two files were uploaded by an anonymous poster to, an online discussion group favored by far-right activists in the U.S. and Europe.

“Here’s where his money is stored. See what you can do with this, anon,” the poster wrote, using a Latvian flag for his icon. “Let’s get grinding. If we can get #MacronCacheCash trending in France for the debates tonight, it might discourage French voters from voting Macron...”

“…Soon, mostly far-right Twitter accounts were posting links to the documents. The first to do so was Fashy Haircut, an account with 14,700 followers linked to a white-nationalist group, according to an investigation published Thursday by Mr. Macron’s campaign. Within minutes, the campaign said, dozens of Russia-linked accounts were tweeting links to the files, continuing up to the start of the debate.”

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