From the Stands — Week 7 in Review

Upset City! Last week we had ISU go on the road to beat Oklahoma. This week, four Top 10 teams go down with 2 happening back to back on Friday Night. I thought Fridays were only for High School Football. Not anymore. There is not a team, outside of Alabama, that can sleep on their opponent. Alabama could play 4th stringers and dominate Arkansas. By the way, SEC is not so good this year and I do not mind that one bit. It is getting crazy in the world of College Football.

We are at the midway point of the season and the only thing I know for sure is that anything can and will happen on any given Saturday, or Friday.

Team of the Week: Syracuse —Unreal upset by the Orange. One of the funnest games I have watched in a long time. I was really impressed by Syracuse’s ability to eat up so much clock in the fourth quarter and not allow Clemson much of a chance at all to mount a comeback. Well played indeed. (Honorable Mention: Cal — Their beat down of Wazzu on Friday night was remarkable. Also happened to have the play of the weekend when Ross Bowers flipped into the endzone for a TD.)

Uniform of the week: Air Force — These are awesome. From the different decals on each helmet to the all black look, they look fantastic on the field. I would definitely be pumped to wear these, and play better, if I was an Air Force football player. (Honorable Mention: Cal, Syracuse, UCLA, Arizona)

Oddity of the Week: Western Michigan gets flooded — Most of the midwest got hammered with rain throughout the weekend. Some worse than others and none worse than what happened to the Western Michigan Broncos. Their entire stadium was flooded and unplayable. The game against Akron was postponed until Sunday. Amazingly, they were still able to play after what the stadium looked like Sunday Morning.

Moment of the Week: North Texas game winning drive — North Texas had to go 98 yards with 1:07 left, no timeouts, and needed a touchdown. Somehow, they succeeded while their QB gets demolished on the game winning play.

My Top 25 (LW)

  1. Alabama (1)
  2. Penn State (3)
  3. Georgia (4)
  4. TCU (6)
  5. Oklahoma State (5)
  6. Oklahoma (3)
  7. Wisconsin (9)
  8. Ohio State (11)
  9. Notre Dame (13)
  10. Virginia Tech (12)
  11. South Florida (14)
  12. Miami FL (16)
  13. Clemson (2)
  14. Washington State (7)
  15. Washington (5)
  16. Michigan State (19)
  17. USC (23)
  18. Georgia Tech (18)
  19. Michigan (20)
  20. NC State (21)
  21. Auburn (15)
  22. Stanford (NR)
  23. Central Florida (NR)
  24. San Diego State (17)
  25. Memphis (NR)

Thinking about it: Iowa, Virginia, Texas A&M, Arizona, Iowa State

Dropped out: Louisville, Texas, Navy