Silent no more.

Right up until the moment that Barack Obama became the democratic nominee for President in 2008, I was fairly apathetic to politics. As a white male in his 20’s from Iowa, the policies of the world did not affect me. At least, I couldn’t see the affect it had on me. Maybe I was refusing to look. Either way, politics was a nuisance. In my mind it was something that fueled the hate and anger already prevalent in our world.

When then-Senator Obama ran a campaign fueled by Hope instead of anger, I was sold. This is a movement that I can get behind. One that looks to the future and building on the idea that we can be better than what we currently are. I voted for Senator Obama in 2008. I voted for President Obama in 2012.

Politics continued to be something that peripherally held my attention. I did not talk about it in public. Sharing my views on social media seemed like a recipe for disaster. My internal monologue probably sounded something like this:

“My opinion does not matter. They do not care what I have to say. It will also probably offend someone. I am afraid.”

Then Donald Trump ran for President. I laughed it off at first. No way this country would elect this man. He started winning Primaries and even though I did not think he would win the nomination, I was scared. People were voting for this guy in huge numbers. What would possess anyone to vote for a man so obviously unqualified?

DC had let us down.

We had stopped holding them accountable with our votes.

On the morning of November 8th, I was so proud to vote for a woman that I believed in. The fact that she was a woman made me happy. I grew up with an extremely strong and independent woman. My mother. She never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do something because she was a woman. Always admired that. My vote was partially because of her.

When it became apparent that Donald Trump was going to win the Presidency, I was depressed. Truly. Those with me at the time could probably see it on my face and in my demeanor. The world had just changed in a way I had not anticipated. I still have not fully recovered.

Social media is filled with so much anger right now. Some are angry at a President they didn’t want. Some are angry at the people that are angry because they refuse to accept the reality. Violence is breaking out all over the country. I am not ok.

It is not necessarily the policies of Donald Trump that will ruin us. It is the normalization of hate created by him and the media covering him. The media loved their ratings so much they forgot to ask if it was ok until it was too late.

Misinformation fueled this election. In my opinion, Misinformation won this election. I was part of this problem. I did not know enough. Not again.

I am now all-in. Give me the best political podcasts, blogs, and tv shows. I want to know what I am talking about because I have some things to say.

Donald Trump as President will not destroy my life. I did not vote for him. He will be our next President and I respect that. I am not ok with it. I will use my voice to say so.

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