What Your Muttering Uncle Can Teach You About Keyword Stuffing For SEO

There is a certain content marketing company that inserts the phrase “in Utah and across the nation” into the opening sentence of about half the articles they publish on Medium.

And they publish a lot of articles.

Wild guess here. They’re trying to rank on Google for that phrase.

Their tactic is a mild form of what’s known as keyword stuffing. The idea is to work the phrase you want to rank for into the headings and body copy on your web pages in a semi-natural way.

It’s semi-natural because even though you try to do it in a nonchalant way, people in Utah and across the nation can tell that it just doesn’t sound genuine. Kind of like the way a toupee can be hair colored, hairlike in texture, and worn on the top of the head–yet it still somehow seems fake.

Google is starting to detect keyword stuffing and now won’t award your page a better rank just because you have the target phrases verbatim. It seems like the awesome SEO trick has bit the dust.

Or has it?

Do you have an uncle who mutters? Yes, the one who walks around repeating a stock set of phrases under his breath. Could be something he read in the op-ed section, a punchline to an old joke, or maybe the tagline for a product. It doesn’t matter. He just says them to himself, at random intervals, that don’t fit the flow of normal conversation. Over and over again.

Do you realize what he’s doing? He’s keyword stuffing.

As a caring, SEO savvy relative, your first impulse is to pull him aside and say, “Uncle Milt, you’re muttering again. Also, Mom doesn’t want you taking cake into the living room.”

But I have a better idea.

Put muttering Uncle Milt to work in an ingenious scheme that will beat Google at their own game.

Have him ghost blog for you.

You simply teach him the phrases you want to rank for like “in Utah and across the nation” and ask him to type up some articles on any subject he likes–just as long as he works in those keywords. Then post them on your site and watch your SER soar.

You see, Google is constantly refining its algorithm to differentiate human-produced content from that of the copy-bots. But your Uncle Milt is a real human and his “keyword stuffing” is simply a variety of natural speech. So it’s undetectable by the algorithms. Ha!

Once again set free from the obligation to produce genuinely useful content.

Take that, Google.