Trump in Phoenix today and I got it all on Periscope

If you have never been to a Trump rally and think you know what it is like, you may be wrong. If you just listen to everything you hear on social media or the drive by media, then you are surely wrong. I just returned from the Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, where Governor Doug Ducey, Mayor Guiliani and VP candidate Mike Pence spoke. I did a periscope walking tour before the event. You can view it on my Twitter page @brian4z look a few stories down and there is a 59 minute periscope event that you can re-watch. I interviewed many different people, from a Mexican felon, a Black spiritual leader, college undecided voters and even a Arizona State Representative. I did not scope the event, just walking around before as everyone was coming in and getting ready to hear Trump give his 10 point plan on immigration. If you want to see the actual Trump speech or the 10 point plan he gave, then you can see that elsewhere. If you are interested in a live periscope interview of random Americans of many races and religions then this is for you. I am married to an Hispanic woman, my brother is married to an Indonesian woman and I have another brother married to an African American. There is no thought of race, we look at character and the goodness in your heart. That is what I found with all the Trump supporters at the rally today. There were Chinese Americans for Trump interviewed and all races present, etc.

My very first vote as a young college student was for Jesse Jackson although he lost in the Democratic primary. I understand that race is an important topic to so many, but as you grow older you will see that some that claim to be for race are actually the ones that hold the races in different blocks. They keep them oppressed and in the inner city. Near the abortion clinics and on welfare. Others who these call racist actually don’t think about race or the color of one’s skin, Trump or myself like millions of conservatives actually judge you on the content of your character like MLK told us to do. Look carefully as you vote at who keeps the minorities at a low income level and won’t give them free school choice. Look at who is promising jobs to Americans of all race, the job applicant and whom is hired is based on who can do the job the best and also hired for the experience and character counts. When I interview someone for a job, I could care less about where they came from, I care more about where they want to go. Similarly, when I had girlfriends and looking for a soulmate I dated many different types and races. When I found the “one” she happened to be Mexican, not that it mattered, I fell in love with her personality and character. I truly believe that as you are looking for whom you should vote for this fall, date or check out several candidates. If you are open minded and listen closely to their hearts, you will be able to correctly vote for the right “one”. Judge these candidates on the content of their character, and if you are grown up, you will leave race out of it. There are better things to do than judge someone externally, judge them from what is inside. Brian4z