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What’s In A Name?

Each year, millions of animals are surrendered to adoption centers nationwide, many without names. The history sections on their intake forms remain blank. Their identities…

For Street Artist, Life Began at 40

A mural, covering one side of the recently opened Lovers & Friends, is vibrant and inviting with a mysterious undercurrent of something more serious…

The Shame: After 35 Years the MTR is Still Not Perfect, Riders Offered Discounts

For anyone who has ever lived outside of Hong Kong and relied on public transportation, the MTR is…

Windows to the Soul

My trip to the iridologist

People have told me I have nice eyes but this is the first time someone looking into them says my lungs are weak.

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Thinking About Writing

I’m not writing because I have nothing to say. Or is it too much to say? I talk to people every day. I say things. What’s the difference if I put it down on screen or…

“Mechanical Problems” Led to 15 Arrested Airline Passengers in Hong Kong Ivory Seizure

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Hong Kong Customs officials announced the…

Everyone Has a Voice (Unfortunately) 

I tried for the past two days to find an article that I read on Medium. It was titled something along the lines of ‘I Like(d) Medium’ and was a ‘Most Recommended Today’ for a brief time.

The article was a one-minute read according to Medium’s new measurement tool and focused on why the author at first liked and then grew to dislike…

The Importance of Staying Focused When Job Hunting

8 tips for finding your next job

Stop watching marathons of Law & Order: SVU, put on your pants, and shave your face. You’re in-between jobs, not on an extended holiday. Just because you’re only seen by your dog does not mean that job-hunting is your time to slack off.

The Importance of Stretching

I was crammed between an elderly Chinese man and a young corporate woman riding home through San Francisco’s Russian Hill. I could tell by the sing songy enthusiasm that the two women a few seats to my left were catching up.

“You started your new job today right? How was it?”

The Education Marketplace: K-12

I consider myself lucky that I am not a parent for one simple reason: how do you choose a school for your kid when there are so many options? I say this from…

Dear Tomorrow,

When I woke up this morning you were gone. You disappeared somewhere between last night and the moment the dog barked. At first I didn’t miss you because I had today. But today fizzled right after lunchtime. That’s when I started making lists of things for us to do. I have big plans for us, Tomorrow.