We are living through two pandemics. COVID-19 and the disease of racism. One we are protecting ourselves from, and the other we seem to ignore until it gets to the point of civil unrest. It does not have to be this way, if we lived our lives fighting racism at home, in government, and in the workplace, we would not have the unrest that we see in the streets now. I can’t control what people do in all of those areas, but economic freedom is a key to solving the problem. …

Going viral. It’s the coveted achievement every company, agency, firm, person posting on social media hopes for. It’s the attention founders need to build a brand, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had well shared efforts in the past. From my call-out article about INC. Magazine, to the fund raise for the AI company I founded — I’ve had my share of social media wins. And now, as I’ve pivoted my focus from being a founder to a funder, It’s happened again!

This time it was completely organic. I tweeted this out of the maddening frustration I feel around…

Every American should have a fair shot at starting a small business. The only things that should determine whether a new business succeeds are the strength of the idea and the hard work of the owners and employees.

- Elizabeth Warren

She’s right. And the 7 billion dollar grant Senator Warren is proposing would certainly go a long way to make this happen — maybe. I was recently interviewed by Forbes for my thoughts around what the grant would mean to minority entrepreneurs, and my response may not have been as flowery as expected — because — while the idea…

What all Founders should know about the business, of business accelerators.

For founders who are unable to bootstrap on a wealth driven budget and operate outside access to crony connections, starting and scaling a business is a journey that’s fueled by passion — while likely being funded by family contributions, personal lines of credit, and possibly — blood plasma (we really met a founder who did that). It doesn’t take long for entrepreneurs to realize that the innovative, disruptive idea they want to bring to market comes with an expansive, expensive list of necessary tasks and challenges 😵

Trying to…

Over the past couple of years, the words diversity and inclusion have joined forces to define a business super trend, influencing processes from hiring and product development, to marketing. It’s everywhere. And while the tech purveyors of the world have pioneered the agenda, legacy giants like Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, even the NFL and MLB, are all following suite — implementing designated positions and programs for ‘diversity and inclusion’ into their company cultures. …

We’re taking a look at the burgeoning counterculture of the ‘VC is dead’ founder, exploring the motivations behind the movement, and totally weighing in 💪🏽

But first — warm up with some self employment centric links we think you’ll like…

VC is Broke(en)

The financing innovation model behind Venture Capital is antiquated, and not in the way that’s nostalgic and desirable. In this link, Nextbillion.net offers facts and stats around VC investment behavior, and suggests solutions for a desperately overdue makeover💄

PS — we were pretty shocked to learn that in Africa, 90 percent of startup investment goes to expats. Yikes.

We can’t really pay — join us anyway😁

Our friends…

Just a regular photo of me at my desk 😆

Every now and then, something happens in your life that gives you a chance to pause. To reflect on the journey.

For me, it was this month — as I held a copy of Black Enterprise in my hands, with my face on the cover.

Back in May, they asked me to come to NYC for the cover shoot. I’ve done a ton of these before, so this time felt like no big deal — until I got to their offices on Madison Avenue in New York. I felt the weight of the moment, and went from “seasoned photo shoot guy” to stiff and nervous — instantly.

Thankfully they played some Cardi B! It loosened me up to take the shots…

Kairos’ opportune moment at SXSW

As always, SXSW was amazing. The few days I attended this year were so crazy, I left feeling like an inadequate human for not possessing the actual ability to be in more than one place at a time! Really, that much going on.

One thing I did have the chance to do was speak on a panel titled ‘Face Recognition: Please Search Responsibly’. …

Recently there has been a lot of concern, and press, around research indicating ethnic bias in Face Recognition.

Edit: Although Brian Brackeen is no longer @ Kairos, his belief in and studies around face recognition bias, remain. At Lightship Capital🌊, we are proud to have such a forward thinking techie on our team!

This resonates with me very personally as a minority founder in the face recognition space. So deeply in fact, that I actually wrote about my thoughts in an October 2016 article titled “Kairos’ Commitment to Your Privacy and Facial Recognition Regulations” wherein I acknowledged the impact of the problem, and expressed Kairos’ position on the importance of rectification.

I felt then, and now, that it…

SaaStr Annual 2018 recap

How to use an ICO to reclaim your equity & ignite growth

As I was preparing to travel to San Fran earlier last week to give a talk at the SaaStr Annual 2018, I knew I would be speaking about Kairos’ ICO, our token offering, and my experience through the process.

Jason’s support means the world to us!

Yet, I felt like because it was SaaStr, the literal embodiment of leadership and mentorship in the SaaS world — I needed to give a lot of thought to the the usefulness of the message. I mean, I’ve aligned our business model with SaaS principals, so it was kind of personal.

I ran through…


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