How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.
Robin Chancer

First, I read most of your comments back to people. You need some fact checking. The Meals on Wheels programs are funded on the state and county level. They choose where and whom to give those funds to. States and cities are de-funding Meals on Wheels which has never been a government program. How much funding depends on the state, city, and county. Some Meals on Wheels programs like the one I volunteer for are run solely on the donations of people like me and you. So, please check facts and don’t give in to the hype and screaming of zealots who claim budget cuts have any bearing on programs like this.

Yes, I’m a Republican. No, I’m not a xenophobe. Yes, I donate, and volunteer for local charities like Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and quite a few others. Do I brag about it? No, but whenever I see people screeching about Trump de-funding Meals on Wheels I have to call BS on it. The reason being is that it never was and is not a federal program. It’s a charity program and some states give a bit of their funding to pay for it, BUT you yourself can help save it if your state decided that they wanted to spend those dollars elsewhere. How? By donating money or time to the program!

I see a lot of Democrats losing their absolute minds about Trump! It’s mind-boggling. I see it this way. A lot of millennials had their first voting experience and after 8 years of Obama they were told over and over… “Everyone is a winner.” When Hillary lost they found out that not everyone can be a winner. In an election there is a winner and a loser. Sometimes the people we want to win actually win and sometimes they lose. It’s just a fact of life. It’s something that millennials are not dealing with very well.

For you to be hate and fear mongering as a therapist is against everything you should have studied. You as a therapist are supposed to be non-subjective. You are not supposed to bring personal bias in to the treatment of people. I studied psychology for many years and with my own M.A could go on to be a therapist. Instead of that I did something else. Do you know why? Because I found I could not put personal bias aside on some subjects that people would talk to me about. Rather than try to debate with my patients I decided to instead become a chef. Yeah, it’s a pay cut, but it is better to do something you love and are passionate about instead of being driven mad everyday.

If Trump is making you insane. Do what I did the days and months after Obama was elected? I unplugged from the internet, stopped reading the news, and just enjoyed my life for what it was. Not worrying about the political front and instead living the life of pure ignorant bliss. That is better therapy for anyone. Everyone thought George Jr was going to start WWIII and everyone thought Regan was going to just “push the button” by mistake. Everyone thought Obama was going to insult every country on the planet. So, every president and every person has their faults… Don’t let yours consume you. Just get out… Get some fresh air… Stop reading Trump’s tweets, and other things that make you mad… Everything will be okay. (Seriously, it will be! There were doomsayers with every president in the 20th century and the 21st is no exception.)

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