4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

I find it highly amusing that Democrats are simply screeching their hate of Trump. Calling Trump supporters names. If you are a Republican you are automatically an antisemitic, fascist, misogynistic pig according to them.

Instead of taking a minute out of their day to realize that these people are still the same people that they hung out with, drank beers with, talked to, friended on Facebook, etc.

Suddenly the election was won. (Yes, yes… The popular vote. Whatever. I am so sick of hearing about that. Here’s the deal. The electoral colleges were set up in the 1700’s or whenever… I don’t care when. In order to not give too much political power to any one state. The popular vote therefore doesn’t count, because the electoral college votes were cast from those states in favor of whom they voted for. This is the reason there are checks and balances in place. So that one state does not have dominion over the entire country.)

If it were done by votes than California, New York, and other high population states would be deciding the future of this country. I, for one, do not want a bunch of liberal “people” deciding what’s good for me, my friends, and my family.

Impeachment… Oh, yes, let’s talk about this one… This is the battle cry of every Democrat ever. Bill Clinton (a Democrat) was impeached. He was not thrown out of office. There was no election “do over” or anything else. He finished out his term and left. (But not until his family realized that the presidency was a cushy job and you literally do not have to do any real work to keep it.) Thus, enter Hillary Clinton.

Because all the Democrats wanted this to be a decade of “firsts” they saw to it that they elected the first (half-black) president. The first black person to ever hold the office was not Obama. Far from… John Hanson held the office and was the first BLACK president of the US of A. History has so much to teach all of you, but you refuse to open your eyes, minds, and hearts to learn any of it. If it’s not readily accessible on Facebook, Twitter, or broken down in to 2 minute chunks on Youtube you do not know about it and refuse to learn it.

Abraham Lincoln… Let’s talk about him. He was a Republican. Oh, I know. I know… Hard pill to swallow. Especially since so many Democratic presidents hail to him. Sorry, according to all of you he belonged to a fascist, immoral, misogynistic, antisemitic, hate filled bunch of ingrates.

Now, let us address Democrats. All of you were very preachy about tolerance, equality, and freedom of speech. But where did all of that go? It seems to have been thrown out the window now that there is a Republican president. People afraid to talk about their political affiliation. People worried that some crazy Democrat is going to try to assault them. People are worried that something will get the Democrats panties in a twist and make them riot about something.

I understand. I wanted to do the same thing when Bill Clinton was elected. I wanted to do the same thing when your lord and savior Obama was elected. I wanted to punch out some Democrats for being alive. You know why I didn’t? I’ll tell you the secret. It’s called self control and finding a different non-violent way to express myself. It’s called “dealing with it”. I’m sure you have never heard of it. I mean for most of the Democrats now they can only remember the Obama years. Now, that they are old enough to vote… They were told, “Hey, thanks for voting. Unfortunately, your candidate lost.”

That sent them in to a spiral of depression, self loathing, and fear. Why? Because during the Obama years everyone was a winner! Everyone got a participation prize! There were no losers!! Put a happy face sticker on that kid! He came in last, but hey, at least he tried!!

Now, they are being told… No. No, you didn’t win. No, you can’t have a lollipop. No, you’re not a winner. Yes, there are losers. You lost.

Enter… RAGING!! Because there is no feel good award for them they can’t handle it. I have people in my college classes saying “Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to do. How am I going to live?!” To which I have to now say, “Put on your big boy pants, wipe your nose, and get out there and keep doing what the hell you were doing before all of this.”

You guys really need to find a new hobby, because you’re just going to get more and more bitter and pent up if you keep on keeping on like this.