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When the Islamic terrorists start going to your jobs, colleges, and schools and killing everyone you’ll wish that you hadn’t lobbied to keep letting these people in to the country. It’s sad that you think that they need help more than our own homeless, war veterans, and children. It’s more important to all of you to help people in other countries. Why? So, you can get that “feel good” feeling? Endorphins?

Please develop at least part of a brain stem and realize that these people only immigrate to countries that give out generous welfare packages. They want our society to bow to them and until everyone is Islamic there will be no peace. Switzerland has it right. Kick them out of the country.

Sorry, but all of your arguments are invalid. You are for the wholesale killing of our own women and children because according to Sharia law women are property and it is a man’s right to kill them if they do not obey. Any man can kill any woman he wishes if she offends him in some way. Look up this “peaceful” religion and read a book.

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