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Check out my interview on @CelticsExtra with A Sea of Blue’s Jason Marcum. We talk about the NBA Draft on potential Kentucky Wildcats being drafted by the Celtics.

CE: Hey Jason, thanks for joining us lets dive right in, after seeing Jamal play extensively, who would u compare his game 2 in the pros?

JM: At worst, think he ends up being similar guy to what Kyle Korver is: Lights-out shooter who is one-dimensional for most part At best, he’s Ray Allen, an elite shooter but complete scorer during prime that could have been the guy on a title contender.

CE: Does he have the ability to at least create his own shot from the perimeter for the most part?

JM: Yes. He’s as good as any player in college this past season at getting open, which is what makes great shooters elite. Goes back to him learning how to get open and create more space. He adjusted to going against college guys & how to get open on perimeter & create his own shots. His catch and release is also as good as anyone, which makes finding said space easier.

CE: Did that translate into demanding the ball down the stretch and was he a go to option?

JM: He did well in big spots, but didn’t dominate the ball in them in large part because Tyler Ulis did. Murray played off him.

CE: Speaking of Tyler, he has often been compared to Isaiah Thomas do you see the comparison in more ways that just size?

JM: He actually uses being small to really get into guys more & either strip the ball or make it very hard to dribble past him. The way he’ll contort his body & get the ball to the rim over/around guys or dish it to a wide open guy in the paint is as good as any prospect in this class. Only real concern is if he’ll be able to keep that up going against NBA size for 82+ games. The only problem is bigger guards can easily shoot over Ulis, but he’s as good of a defensive point guard as you can ask for.

CE: Was it similar to what we see with IT4, that Coach Cal would take him out on occasional defensive possessions?

JM: Oh no. Cal left him in. Ulis is a far superior defender than was IT was coming out of Washington, though to be fair, no one plays defense under Lorenzo Romar, but Ulis is still a much better defender and should continue to be in the NBA.

CE: Switching gears Skal recently said “In 2 or 3 years, I think I can be the best player in this draft” do u agree w/ his potential?

JM: Yes, but only because he was just so raw that I won’t be surprised if he’s great or if he flames out by Year 6.

CE: Final question for you Jason, from what you saw with James Young at Lexington what do you think has changed w/ the Celtics?

JM: So many drivers on that ‘13–14 UK team that Young would catch it wide open on the wing and didn’t have to create for himself. Now, he has to do that & he’s struggling to, not to mention he’s rarely looked confident in NBA games.

CE: Yes, even seeing him in Maine just looks like he’s not giving his all, probably due to what you mentioned at Kentucky.

-Brian Hurst

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