An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders and his Campaign
Chris Shaffer

I dislike Bernie Sanders, and I agree with every criticism you level of him. But Hillary is so much worse on every issue, and she has so much less integrity, it’s really hard understand your reversal, unless it’s just a matter of bitterness at the guy who let you down. It seems you got disappointed that the guy you (naively) donated to and supported turned out to be the power hungry jerk some of us knew he was all along. Bummer. Sorry you didn’t figure it out sooner. The logical conclusion is NOT that Hillary, who just this week compared nonviolent pro Palestine activists to the Biblical Pharaoh, is somehow better than the guy who disappointed you personally. That’s just bizarre. With all due respect, you’re in a cycle of immature politics. I don’t care whom you vote for, because it really doesn’t matter. I just wonder if maybe you’d be better off not penning political rants on the rebound from a disappointing candidate.