I think it’s pretty simple: some members of oppressed groups like it.

I mean, do you realize that your argument is, as long as not all oppressed people have a concern about it, the rest of us are free to choose whatever we like? You are saying that a lack of consensus among the oppressed is the same as a stamp of approval. You are thus not responsible for your own moral, ethical, and tactical choices, so long as any more-oppressed person endorses your preferences. That is truly astonishing, and disturbing, but of course there’s nothing I can do to counter it. And this one probably does NOT rise to the level of a moral matter (hard to say), but it is a tactical matter. And those we don’t just leave up to opinion polls. Some tactics divide movements, and we need to avoid those. If this will inadvertently cause that divide, or if it will negatively affect its (often arrogant as hell) wearers, that’s a problem we should be aware of. And if you think dissent of any kind means it’s a free-for-all, you are in for some severe disappointment.

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