Hey, tell it to (channeled) Trump.
Steven Levy

Sorry if I’m missing something. I have been familiar with your writing for a long time, but maybe I took for granted that I understand what you’re saying. It does seem like you’re criticizing China in exactly the way Trump does, but with sarcastic crassness. I just can’t figure out why you or anyone thinks China owes us open markets. Is that just an American/capitalist ethic or attitude that is the root of its own reasoning? Like, free markets = good. Or is it just pure US corporate self-interest, especially now that we’ve spent two centuries accumulating and concentrating capital and can penetrate and manipulate emerging markets in ways native investors cannot hope to… but only if they’ll open the damn things up and play by our (non-)rules? Or are you actually criticizing this perverse, neocolonial attitude, and I just missed it entirely and should go back to bed?

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