“quarterly capitalism”
In regards to Hillary.
lisa rokusek

Where does she use this term, “quarterly capitalism” ? I mean, the short-term outlook of modern capital is one small part of the massive problems posed by capitalism, so using this term or even a full critique of what I assume it represents to her would still be very weak sauce. But I admit, no, I haven’t even heard Hillary go even that far. You’re blaming the media, but how much is she actually criticizing capitalism or even elements of it? Let’s be real. Now that you’ve given her your allegiance and she’s our only hope against Trump (except Trump himself), it’s possible you’re cherry picking and exaggerating her critical faculties. And this systemic ignorance she displays is a politician problem, not a gender problem. Actually, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren also don’t really address it or seem to fully get it either, but Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva sure do. It’s why Trump is the ultimate insider: Wall Street is way more “inside” than Washington.

Also, you call her intentions “business reform", which I think is accurate. She’s not interested in changing the system or grappling with the disasters we’re saddled with by using and expanding markets; Hillary just wants to reform some of the ways big businesses operate. And she seems keen, unlike Bernie and Warren, to let them self-reform. That’s not very bold.