Well, I’m not really convinced that she’d run that sort of campaign if she were losing.
Chris Shaffer

You’re right that she didn’t do it against Obama, but her supporters sure did. I don’t recall her condemning that (though she might have) — and I don’t think Bernie has done anything all that awful. I mean, seriously, calling someone “disqualified” is not particularly damaging. Voters reserve the right to decide who is qualified. I doubt that made much of a blip. The other thing is that Hillary wanted something from Obama. This is her last shot; I’d be surprised if she went down without at least being as harsh to Bernie as he has been to her. You really think Bernie is a less scrupulous campaigner than Hillary? I have a hard time believing you believe that.

You just voted for someone who wrote over the weekend that BDS activists are like the Biblical Pharaoh this weekend, and you’re calling her opponent a crazy conspiracy theorist? Do you not think it’s more reasonable to claim that the Democratic establishment is in the tank for Hillary (as some of his supporters say), than it is to suggest people who boycott Israeli goods are the moral equivalent of enslavers of Jews (as the candidate herself wrote and published)??? You really have to ignore Hillary in order to condemn Bernie by comparison.

I may well be wrong about Hillary being more dangerous to the brown nations of the world. Bernie has been very hawkish, which is my main reason for disliking him. I think Hillary will be way worse, but I don’t know that I can back that up empirically. But anyway, this is why I’m a radical. I don’t participate in or uphold a system that is hell bent on wrecking the planet. Neither Hillary nor Bernie will be good on climate change or foreign policy, and while I realize they’ll be better than Republicans domestically, it’s hard to imagine that will matter if they do to the world what they’re both determined to. I definitely don’t envy people who feel compelled to participate symbolically in this system. If I thought voting mattered, I’d feel extremely guilty voting for Hillary, and maybe nearly as guilty voting for Bernie.