Visit any Gym while you Travel

When you travel abroad for any reason (business or pleasure), continuing a workout routine might seem impossible. Not all hotels have a gym, and gym passes are generally bound to a specific city or brand of fitness centres.

But this doesn’t mean that you should give up on exercise. To get a flexible solution that brings you fitness classes whenever you travel IS possible. We found an app that can be the answer to keep up with fitness while you are on the go. It will allow you to visit local premium gyms while you travel. Say hello to Esquared (ESQ²) and their Fitness on Demand solution.

Multiple Options for Workouts

options for workout

The app has an extensive list of fitness centres, where you can choose your preferred-On Demand Gym. This is a great Multi Gym option for frequent travelers, or for those who want to attend various classes at different premium gyms in their city. You can choose a gym based on the description, photos, but most of all, the reviews from other customers, just like you. The rating of a gym will echo the quality of the gym’s services, their equipment and atmosphere.

Fitness on Demand is a new trend that will soon change the way gyms operate. No more memberships or fixed bills — which means if you’re unable to use it, you’re not wasting your money. With the use of Flexible Gym Passes you can book at any time, any date, and at the gym or fitness centre that is closest to your current location.

Flexible Payment Schemes

An on-Demand Gym app is an innovative solution. But what about payments? This amazing on demand gym app solves it in a very simple way. You process a transaction through the app for each session, and are given a code. This code is what you use to check in at the selected gym.

With such a flexible solution, you only pay for what you use, and nothing more. There are no additional or hidden costs. That is an important change and a turning point in the business of fitness facilities. With Multi Gym options, you will never be tied again to a membership. Be free using a different system that will soon replace the old way of accessing fitness centres.

Where to find this App?

To access the ESQ² On demand gym app, simply search for “Esquared” in your app store of choice, or use one of the following links — Google Play or iOS.

This method of accessing premium local gyms will soon prove to be more effective than the traditional gym schemes. Give it a try and continue your fitness regime even when you are traveling. Since you are only paying for the actual sessions you take, with no subscriptions or other ties, you are free to come and go any time you want.

More Features

With this new App you gain access to Gym Passes for high-quality gyms. You can search for gyms / fitness centres close to your location, or you can choose to search for locations that offer specific classes.

Whether it’s yoga, spinning, boxing or just toning, the ESQ² app will help you find the class that you want — all offered at premium gyms.

You can rate each location you used, and invite your friends and family. You will never skip a session again because the gym can be any gym.


When you have a tight schedule, it can be hard to keep up with a fitness routine. If you travel constantly, then it becomes nearly impossible. Downloading the ESQ² app, you get access to an amazing On demand gym app.

With an extensive list of places to go, you can book your next session instantly. Squeezing fitness into your agenda is now a reality.

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