Diary Entry for Day 114: In a Pickle

Brian Gerard
Aug 12, 2018 · 2 min read

We definitely want to find veggies and fruits that do well here and maybe sell a few or at least cook with them. We are experimenting. Here’s something we learned:

Six cucumber plants may be too many…

…especially if it rains 10 inches every month.

We have have a few hundred cukes thus far. And now we are getting massive ones. Some are bigger than my very large head, as you can see in the picture.

Giant Cuke
Giant Cuke

I have run out of ways to make them and we have many, many, many jars of pickles.

Speaking of pickles, I have no idea how I realized this, but the number to the F.B.I. in Boston is 617–742–5533. You know what that spells?


Do you know what I used to do?

I used to wait for people to walk into the room or office and I would be laughing hysterically. They would ask why.

“Oh…HAHA… my…HA…god. I just heard….SNORT… the funniest pickle…GUFFAW…joke ever!”

Naturally, they’d ask where and I would tell them that it’s a free phone line…just call 617-PICKLED.

They would and I would pee myself as they slammed down the reciever.

One time I worked in a Call Center and it was a slow Friday or something, so we decided to see how many people we could add on a conference call. When it got up to around 30 or so I said “Hang on. I got one more!”

I connected to 1–617-PICKLED.

“Hello. F.B.I.”


PS: The number has since changed to 857–386–2000. That doesn’t really spell anything. I blame me.

Originally published at Blue Dog Farm.