The Review is In!

Ha! I finally got a review for Not Bukowski. You can find it on Amazon.

Admittedly a bit uneven, but that’s to be expected from any collection of this kind. Not every joke or thought is for everyone, right? Gerard covers all kinds of topics, the majority of them in short verse form. From Train Poem #1, a quick set up and joke that made me snort, to things that will slow you down and make you scratch your head wondering how the hell he comes up with this stuff (I will reveal no spoilers!). At his best, Gerard can carry an almost Mitch Hedburg[sp] dryness, showing he really knows how to craft a good gag, but then turn around and make you giggle like a 6th grader at his equal skill at channeling that weird kid at your lunch table. You know the one, that kid who just knew how to make people laugh, even at his own expense. Who doesn’t love that kid? Best digested in chunks because of the verse form being inherently brief, but this is the epitome of a great “bathroom book”. 4 stars and a big thumbs up!

(Thanks Steve W.)

Brian is the author of this post and of the just released book Not Bukowski, which many of you schlubs don’t own yet.

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