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Double Coates Tapes

What is a double coated tape?

The double-sided adhesive tape has adhesive applied to either side of the foam or sponge carrier attached to the tape. Double coated tape products are commonly furnished in two configurations, differential and with twin release liners. The double coated tape is also known as double-faced tape, double-sided tape and also two sided tape. These tapes are broadly used by the considerable array of industries for packages along with bonding, holding, laminating, mounting, splicing and packaging. It has adhesive on each the side of the band due to which it remains hidden in the end product. This uniqueness of a double-sided tape makes them a need in some places in which its use is unavoidable. In addition to this, double coated (sided) tape can also be used for mirror mounting, cable control, plastic extrusions, window glazing and for more.

From manufacturing to construction to exhibition applications and everything in between, our VHB industrial tapes supplies commercial strength and high performance in all varieties of situations from cold weather to excessive heat. Many of our tapes are formulated with uniqueness proprietary adhesives designed to carry out on the activity and ensure reliability and consistency. Our heavy duty Double sided tapes are much greater efficient technique than traditional glues, rivets or screws. Why?

Because double sided tapes are:

  • Economical
  • Adhere quickly
  • Don’t require drying time
  • Create little waste
  • Provides long term resistance to UV and temperature cycles
  • Fast, clean and single to apply
  • Don’t make a mess in usage or clean up
  • And… can help ensure water, air and vapor-tight barriers.

Different Type of Double Coated (Sided) Tapes

Tgoldkamp offers many different types of double-sided tape, for many different commercial and industrial purposes. Our guide to different tape types will help you choose the right double sided tape for your needs. 3M Double-sided tapes come in different shapes, sizes, and types, and there can be types that are suited for specific applications. There are those that are appropriate for decorating, some can be used for mounting posters on walls, while there are those that can be used for sticking pieces of wood together, among others.

To help you identify which type is best used for which purpose, we’ve listed down some of the most commonly-used types. Take a look at them below:

Foam Tapes: Double Coated foam tapes are composed of open or closed cells and are usually protected with an acrylic adhesive on each side. Foam tapes are suitable for mounting functions, gasket applications, sound dampening or even thermal damage purposes. Also these tapes are proof against a wide variety of temperature applications.

Cloth Tapes: Commonly, double coated cloth tapes characteristic a flexible again, and often the adhesive generally may have a heavy coating, which is right for irregular and multiple floor applications. General uses for this form of tape consist of carpet set up with carpet tape by exhibition expert. Those tapes are green for their smooth unwind functionality.

Paper Tapes: Generally double coated paper tapes are coated on every side with a rubber adhesive and are regularly used for standard motive bonding applications and in which temporary holds are required. Those tapes are also efficient for bonding irregular surfaces. Tape liners are available in specific colors. Variations of this type of tape can be resistant to certain chemical substances. Moreover, paper tapes can be applied manually or with an applicator.

Adhesive Transfer Tape: Double coated adhesive transfer Tape has a solvent based totally acrylic adhesive encouraged for bonding to a variety of merchandise and for laminating to a variety of substances. It offers dimensional stability and has die cut capabilities. These adhesion products are suitable to high-quality and are appropriate for a broad variety of temperatures, and are resistant to UV light. Adhesive transfer tapes are specially using in market for mounting, splicing, and for closure.

Tissue Tape: Double-sided tissue tapes are well designed with long lasting adhesive and smooth to address so it saves treasured processing time and decreases price by actually eliminating breakage. These tapes are flexibility and durability due to the heavy responsibility release liner that contributes brought strength, making double-sided tissue tape converter friendly.

Film Tape: Double-sided film tape presents super adhesion to an expansion of surfaces and is ideal for permanent bonding and mounting packages. The selection of vinyl and polyester backings permit for utilization in a huge variety of temperatures.

Mounting Tape: Double-sided mounting tape is a polyethylene foam tape with stress sensitive adhesives on each surface, protected by using a silicones paper liner that is the best manner to position up mirrors and heavy objects without having to use nails or screws. The best excessive tack adhesive combines high-quality tack with load-bearing houses for interior applications to numerous substrates including plastics, polycarbonate, pc, pe, ps, glass, wood, metals and many others.

Polyester Tape: The double sided polyester tapes are specially constituted of solvent adhesive to resist heat, cold, water, solvent and excessive or low peel adhesion. These tapes are using for its excessive tensile energy, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and electric insulation. It’s far designed to paste surfaces collectively, often in a way which isn’t always visible ultimately product, because of it being in among the objects in preference to protecting them.

How to Buy Double Coated Tapes Online?

For over 40 years, Tgoldkamp supplies a wide range of cost-effective industrial products and fulfill the customer’s requirement when they find the right products for specific application needs. Our products are made of high-quality materials to provide the best value for your money while also allowing you to increase the efficiency of operations in your worksite. Match the right adhesive with your project and decide if you need heat-resistant, extra wide, or market trends high-performance double-sided tape, you can also visit our Double coated Tapes page to discover the quality tapes for your specific utility or industry. To buy double coated tapes visit here.



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