Formula One Announces Louder, Simpler Engine Design for 2020

For nearly a decade, Brian Goldstein has served as Rx Unlimited’s operations manager. Rx Unlimited is an HIV-specialty pharmacy based in Beverly Hills. When away from work, Brian Goldstein enjoys a number of sports, including motocross and Formula One racing.

Recently, an FIA meeting held in Paris resulted in the decision to create cheaper, more powerful, and louder engines for F1 racers starting in 2020. Current F1 engine manufacturers, as well as other automobile companies, attended the meeting. The group agreed to abandon the current 1.6-liter V6 turbo engines now used for simpler, naturally-aspirated engines.

The decision was fueled by a desire to make engines more powerful and less costly to develop and manufacture. In addition, the group wished to improve the sound of the engines, since fans have not reacted favorably to the muffled exhaust of the turbocharged V6 engines, especially when compared to the V8 engines previously used.

The V6 engine was adopted to encourage green design and fuel efficiency while hoping to spur new manufacturers to become involved in F1 racing. However, the change inspired only one company to return to the F1 arena, and that company has struggled to keep up with names like Mercedes and Ferrari. The recent decision turns F1 back toward its power-focused roots.

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