Dear Phone, You are not the boss of me! 

Brian Havanas
Jan 28, 2014 · 2 min read

My phone is in my face all hours of the day and night. The constant annoying, nagging, distracting and persistent notification alerts sound like some kind of musical instrument in my pocket. The lack of feeling productive and the ability to focus has reached an all-time new low. The constant interruptions are ruling my life.

I want my life back!

It was 2007 when the iPhone came out. My drive, ambition and productivity were at peak levels back then. I was unstoppable and getting amazing things done. Multi-tasking major operations were no different from taking a bike ride in the park. I enjoyed it. It was easy. It was effortless and rewarding. I was accomplishing great things and going places.

Fast-forward six and a half years later… I feel stuck, distracted and literally unproductive. My mind is on everything, but what’s important. I am constantly juggling what seems like a million things at any given moment. It is now time to take drastic measures and show my phone who’s boss!

So, I decided to delete certain apps that were pulling my attention away from completing essential tasks —you know the ones, and disabling notifications from others, starting today. Poof! Gone!

Deleting the offending apps forced me to make a decision on what is critical and what is not. And, I feel good about making those decisions. If you feel trapped in a rut, take a step back, breathe a little, and try to remember how things were different when you were at your best.

Life is so full of compromises, negotiating and disciplines. Take a few moments now to make a few decisions on getting back to great. I am positive great things will come from it. We often know what to do in life, but sometimes all it takes is to hear it from someone else.

Consentrate on spending more time and energy on accomplishments that actually bring value to our lives and others.

Brian Havanas is a hard-wired “systems thinker” and founder of Jack Pauhl Maximum Painting and Painthacker magazine, where he shares practicle ways to master painting projects with a focus on maximum efficiency.

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    Brian Havanas

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    Intuitive thinker, paint hacker, process ninja, and super painter @jackpauhl

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