Brian Joros: A Legendary Coach

Brian Joros’ sterling performance as a high school baseball coach has elevated him to near legend status in Florida. Most of the teams he has managed have gone on to win several records. For instance, the Royal Palm Beach Wildcats clinched the district championship; also guided the team to the regional playoff tournament. Also, Brian has won several awards as a coach including the Palm Beach County Coach of the Year thrice and Palm Beach County South Conference Coach of the Year twice.

His prowess was recognized even by his competitors who openly admired his expertise. One competitor who was asked to name his preferred coach name Brian Joros as the best coach. This competitor’s response was based more on the performance Brian had shown while coaching the West Boca high school than their friendship. His admiration of Brian was catalyzed by the latter’s tendency to do his homework, scouting the teams and remaining aggressive to win.

The coach continues to explain that Brian was dreaded by other coaches as he seemed scary to face. The reason being, he keenly analyzed his opponents in a bid to outsmart their tactics and seemed to succeed. He achieved this by having at least eight guys watching every decision on the pitch and jotting it down. As a result, this proved a hectic to many coaches who had to resort to other communication tactics. “I always had to change my signs and be aware that they were always on me,” stated the coach.

Brian Joros has kept an outstanding record with 215 wins and only 121 losses in his time as a high school baseball coach. With each day offering a room for improvement, he optimistic of more future glory as a coach. Currently, he is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Florida Coaches Association.

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