Brainstorming building a SaaS solution

-Focus on the IDEA first. Getting hands dirty and building will be secondary

-Service must have a daily or weekly use case. Toothbrush test.

-Search differing industries

-Search differing jobs and job functions

-Find something that is ubiquitously analogous that would be transformed by the network effect. Power of many. Whether it be the power of more accessible information sharing to that job function or consolidating the job function to be automated managed by an order of magnitude smaller

SAAS software- Bring a software service that simplifies an industry

Risk: Medium-Low depending on focus and cost to launch

-Taking wrong approach/angle at the service

-Having the wrong focus

-Developer risk on cost and execution

Reward: Very High

-If traction is gained funding sources are available

How to do this:

-Study varying industries. Preferably one that is relate-able and understood.

-Understand inefficiencies with the industry and their processes

-Understand the potential market and the early adopters

-Understand the barriers and areas to avoid

-Have a two sentence solution that communicates the solution in its most refined sense

-Refine process down to core function and create 1–3 main solutions with software

-Deconstruct how zenefits and other SAAS companies built their products

-How they did it and pillars of their functionality

-What programming languages they used

-How they host their solutions

-Instead of the information being stored in the employees brain. Store information in the database and make it accessible to the entire organization.

-Digitize entire job functions and industries

-Converting something from analog to digital. i.e. singular event to a network solution. One to one~One to many∞

How to build a saas app

-There are many different API’s to services that can be integrated into the online software

Brainstorming industry solutions

-Insurance industry B2B underwriter to agent

Create Hub for agents to access differing underwriters

-create marketplace for crowdsourced underwriting. Crowd can invest in each risk category

-Consultant management software

-System for consultants and consultees to manage their relationship and their deliverables

-Facilities support services

-Managing a building/property(s)

-Janitors, tenant relations, work orders, maintenance management. One hub to manage everything from the property manager to the Janitor/room service will be between 3–5 different users.

-Apartment/tenant management-One place for both manager and tenant to handle everything

-Scheduling software for dentists, doctors, hairstylists, all other service related industries

-Create 2 function software to 1. schedule 2.manage an appointment


-The business that is getting scheduled appointments

-The scheduled person/persons

-The scheduler

-Product needs to be ubiquitous and easily adoptable by both the business and the customer

-Easy for customer to use. iPhone App, something that integrates inside of an iphone app, Mobile scheduler

-Easy for business to use: Integrate into their website. Create an embeddable snipet to for small and midsize businesses to embed. Also create a way for them to implement on their website in a broader way

-Need to flatten experience to as little clicks as possible. Research other apps to see if this is being done in an efficient way or if they are all bloated.


-Change order request management

-Progress reports

-Project management

Interests: Orders of Magnitude Improvements |Power of the Network | Entrepreneurial triggers |Capital Acceleration~Tech, Stocks, Real Estate & Business | Travel

Interests: Orders of Magnitude Improvements |Power of the Network | Entrepreneurial triggers |Capital Acceleration~Tech, Stocks, Real Estate & Business | Travel