The Most Effective Way To Double Your Life Insurance Production

As the regional marketing director for Ancora Financial I’ve had the chance to work with hundreds and hundreds of life insurance agents across the country.

I think I’ve seen just about the entire spectrum, from top Million Dollar Round Table™ producers, to those just getting started in the business and everyone in between. I like to think I’ve seen it all (although that’s probably not the case).

From talking to all these agents, there’s one thing I’ve found that 95% of them can do to at least double their life production.

This one thing is actually quite simple… it’s not easy to do it single handedly, but it is very simple. To do it without help can require a few years of time and effort, but by plugging into an agency that’s already doing it, it can be accomplished in as little as a week.

This one thing is to spend your precious work time doing the thing you get paid the most to do. For many agents this one thing is to actually be in front of a client helping them get started on a life insurance plan… this one thing is to be selling policies.

Yet so many agents, possibly yourself included, spend the majority of their time doing work other than selling.

They’re making cold calls, trying to find people to whom they can introduce themselves, scheduling appointments, going to mixers or networking events, putting together marketing campaigns, and a whole host of other things that only lead up to being able to sell.

Then when they finally do get an appointment, they can ultimately have a chance to do the thing which actually earns them their money, which is to help the client get started on a life insurance plan. If the appointment goes well and they’re able to solve the problems for the client, they’ll write up the application. YES! A chance for new business!

For the typical agent, this is where even more work begins that doesn’t allow them to focus on selling. Now they begin the process of getting the business underwritten. They’re scheduling paramed exams, working with doctor’s offices to get the needed records to the underwriter, sending information back and forth from the client to the insurance carrier and an additional host of other administrative tasks that don’t allow them to do the thing they get paid the most to do.

I don’t need to go any further in explaining the typical agent’s work life, as you’ve probably experienced it in some form or another if you’ve been in the business for any length of time.

To immediately double your income, you’ve simply got to spend your time doing that thing that will allow you to bring in the money.

You’ve got to delegate these lowering paying administrative tasks to people other than yourself. If you’re going to make over $15,000 per month, you’ve got to be doing those things that require the high paying skills you’ve worked hard to develop. You’ve got to be in front of people helping them solve the problems they’re facing. Elon Musk, one of the greatest inventors of our time, said “you are paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve”. This has to be your main priority.

If you’re going to make big money, you’ve got to be helping people solve big problems. This is what you need to be spending the majority of your time doing. You just can’t spend your time doing work that is worth $10-$12 per hour. These tasks have to be handled by someone getting paid $10-$12 per hour. You’ve got to be doing the work that pays $100-$120 per hour, which is the selling.

The bottom line is this… you can’t make $15,000 per month by doing work that only pays $2,000 per month. You’ve got to use your skills that allow you to solve difficult problems for people. In other words, you’ve got to be selling. You can’t be prospecting or doing all these other administrative tasks.

Are you spending your time doing menial tasks and solving small problems? If so, change that! The easiest way is to plug into an agency that has the infrastructure already set up to do these things.

The most effective way to double your income is to work with an agency that schedules and provides your appointments for you, plus does all the other admin work.

Imagine with me for a moment… you look at your calendar for the coming week and find there are 6–10 new people for you to see. Imagine never having to do the menial tasks of retrieving the necessary information to get the underwriting done. Imagine being able to what you get paid the most to do, week after week after week.

Okay, now stop imagining and do something about it. All this is very possible! Feel free to send me an email ( for additional tips and the fastest way to get started.