On Tony Robbins, Personal Power, and Connection

Recently, I watched Joe Berlinger’s excellent documentary on Tony Robbins (subtitled “I Am Not Your Guru”).

Tony Robbins is one of, if not the most famous motivational speaker(s) in the world. Of course, since his approach to self improvement is about so much more than just motivation, he prefers the term “Success Coach,” which I think is apt. Several years ago, I attended one of his seminars, and was so compelled that I all but forced the members of my team to attend his “Personal Power” talks. We all agreed: in the crowded field of “Motivator,” Tony’s booming voice and intuitive understanding of human psychology made him stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Tony is astute, caring and powerful — almost an intelligent psychic. Mock him, call him a showman, say what you will, but the man cares. He is sincere in his desire to help others. I have always believed that success is measured by what we do for others. His delivery is infectious and nothing matches the power of his opening line…

“Life is happening for us and not to us.”

Shortly after my first exposure to his seminars, I was inspired to host my own series of speakers, at the home of Sony Pictures Chairman Peter Guber. Below is my invitation to Tony to speak — one of the first people I reached out to. After all, it was Tony who inspired me to start the talks, and Tony who showed me the power of one person making a connection.

To: Tony Robbins
From: Brian Medavoy (More/Medavoy Agent)
RE: Entertainment Industry Seminar
Over the past few years, I’ve sent my team to several of your “Personal Power” seminars. During that time, we’ve become one of the fastest-growing entertainment companies in Hollywood. I attribute much of that success to your coaching — which helped each of us recognize our potential and maximize our performance. Now, I would like to help you take that message to some of the most influential members of the entertainment and media community.
I’d like to coordinate a gathering of leading entertainment industry executives and personalities, so they would have the opportunity to hear your message in an informal setting that’s conducive to dialogue and discussion. The emphasis would be on inviting what’s known as “Young Hollywood” — industry in the years to come. This event would take place at the home of Peter Guber, former Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and a long-time supporter of your work.
Tony Robbins
This event would offer you many benefits, including:
· It enables you to reach a group of people who would be very receptive to your message of individual responsibility and personal power, but who might be hesitant to particpate in one of your larger “public” seminars.
· It provides an occasion for you to meet some rising young “stars” in the entertainment and media industries, who would brief you on the latest industry trends and help identify new opportunities for you to leverage your message to a worldwide audience.
· It would help you broaden your core base of supporters in Hollywood, enabling you to establish lasting relationships with a number of individuals who have the ability to be a great asset to both your business and charitable activities.
I’ve discussed this idea with Jan Miller, and she believes it would be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know some of the key players in Hollywood. I would work closely with her to ensure the event will be a meaningful and important day for all concerned.
I welcome the opportunity to arrange this unique event for you, and look forward to working with you and your team to identify a date that fits in with your schedule. If you have any questions about this proposal, or have some suggestions about who might be invited please don’t hesitate to call me.
Warm Regards,
Brian Medavoy