A timely music video during COVID-19 Global Outbreak on searching for SELF-LOVE that is not of the body but of the soul

Photo courtesy of Brian Thomas

by Brian Rubiano (US Air Force Veteran/Occupational Therapist/World Journeyer/Documentary Film Producer for FollowLeadLOVE)

LOVEsuch a powerful human essence that sometimes we take for granted because it is something that is definitely hard to objectively measure and a concept that we often neglect even though it plays a vital role on our daily existence.

Self-LOVE…a journey of continuous pursuit that we tend to ignore because of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and prioritizing mindless routines. Even asking at times, “ I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day.” Sounds familiar?

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC … all of a sudden our lives are on halt, a gargantuan crisis that forced us to self-isolate in order to flatten the curve of its distraction. By being quarantined and having to experience significant loss on interpersonal & physical social interactions, most of us are now facing a life’s challenge that we have been trying to escape out of. It is the challenge of FINDING LOVE NOT OF THE BODY BUT OF THE SOUL . Searching for our authentic HIGHER LOVE.

Fresh from his successful Virtual Premiere Screening of Amy’s Victory Dance at ReelAbilities Film Festival New York, Brian Thomas will release his much anticipated Music Video that he also directed entitled HIGHER LOVE . I have been fortunate to witness a glimpse of some of the processes during its Post-Production phase and I can’t wait to see its Virtual World Premiere.

This Music Video stars the talented Carishma who delivers an impactful yet enchanting performance with subtle nuances to her graceful movements that I can only describe as captivatingly beautiful. Brian Thomas envisioned this video to tell a story of a young lady on a crossroads of attaining the highest level of LOVE and taking her on a journey of looking from within towards Self-Love realization. Because, by learning how to love yourself most especially your imperfections, only then you can blossom to a wonderful human being inside and out and attain Higher Love in it most authentic way. Brian took the message of the song to the next level and not only delivered an amazing workmanship but also a message so timely and relevant especially nowadays.

We as global citizens, are currently being put to a test to see how deep of a relationship we have to ourselves. Quarantines, Lock-downs and Social Distancing are all in place due to COVID-19 Outbreak. We are in an unprecedented situation wherein we are being coaxed to do a deeper level of self-introspection and being forced to look from within and figure out who we really are and what is our real essence. This time, it’s just between YOU and YOURSELF. With the absence of external distractions and lack of overt stimulations from the outside world, we are facing to answer…


Honestly, I stopped watching Music Videos for a while now because it can be superficial and the “fireworks” of visual spectacle sometimes can only provide temporary pleasure and then are forgotten the next day overtaking the intended message of the song. An undeniable part of our instant gratification, impatient & “ I don’t need to work that hard to be successful & famous” culture. That’s why I prefer watching documentary films because it tells real life stories and gets you (at least me) to relate more on the authenticity of humanity. BUT, after watching this Higher Love music video, it made me a believer again on how an artform like this can take an audience on a deeper and more connected journey. Virtual cheers to the team who created this visual art piece under Brian Thomas’ leadership, I am giving each and everyone of you a virtual hug and virtual high fives for an AMAZING JOB!!

By not making it too over the top and by being mindful of not taking it to an overly produced and seizure inducing superficial pop music video, Brian Thomas and his team thoughtfully allowed the real message of the song to shine. Because of that, it (song’s message) organically transformed as being Carishma’s co-star and that is a feat in itself. I am a fan of its beautifully crafted simplicity and having made me feel some level of grandiosity from within, which is genius. It even left me something to ponder on, hence, the inspiration to write an article about this.

This music video version of Higher Love tells a story of a world where our past, present and future merged where time is of non-existence (sort of time and space continuum feel for all the cool nerds out there). It takes you to a level of appreciation of our time honored past and traditions while motivating you to help usher it towards a brighter future with intention of creating a world filled with HOPE, OPTIMISM and LOVE. The stunning cinematography, with the delicate yet powerful choreography by Joanna Numata , and the thoughtful inclusion of diverse back up dancers just elevated the already powerful and relevant message of this video. Special mention to the girl who portrayed the younger version of Carishma, her character helped complete the story and made it poetic and magical.

BRIAN THOMAS (the other Brian)…what can I say, I guess by this time I should not be expecting anything less of a great work. This music video is stunning, thoughtful and significant. Another job well done!! Watching your work on Higher Love further cemented that I made the right decision to collaborate with you and fully trust your artistic vision to direct my feature documentary producing debut entitled FollowLeadLOVE. I’m looking forward to more future collaborations and endeavors (#thebrians). It’s funny that the title of this film has LOVE on it as well. It kinda tells you that love is an invisible force that we can’t escape from. It’s just a matter of finding it, accepting it for ourselves and hoping to authentically share it to everyone.

CARISHMA..YOU ARE A STAR !! you delivered a subtle and nuanced yet strong performance that made your beauty radiate from the inside and that’s pretty remarkable. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved both on screen and behind the scenes in the making of Higher Love Music Video starring Carishma with Brian Thomas as the Director. Each and everyone of you made a believer out of me again that music video if tastefully made, can be inspiring and can leave a lasting positive impression.

Here is an excerpt from the song HIGHER LOVE. Try reading it from the heart and feel how it can be a mantra for all of us during this uncertain time:

I love the feel of free

Desire’s all I see

My eyes are colorful

I crave the highest love

I can’t wait to see the sun’s fire

Medicine to my mind

Heart’s a starting a riot

And it’s takin’ over

Bring me a higher love


Higher LOVE will have its WORLD PREMIERE on Sunday/April 19, 2020/2PM EST . For now here are the teaser videos:

Will be available for viewing on :Carishma’s YouTube Channel (link: ) and on her IGTV @carishma . You can also check it on Brian Thomas’ IGTV @brianthomasfilms & on SpinKick Pictures Youtube Channel ( link: )

Higher Love Music Video (Starring Carishma)

Director & Editor: Brian Thomas

Choreography: Joanna Numata

Santa Barbara Producer: Casey Noblett

Creative Team ( Santa Barbara ): Cassidy Noblett, Victor Rojas, Joanna Numata

Make Up: Patrick Ta

About Carishma and Brian Thomas’ artistic journey together : Brian Thomas and the amazing team behind him have the knack to make a deep connection with the artists or subjects. They are with them not only during the creative process of one project, but throughout the creative processes of their career. Carishma has been working with Brian for the past ten years.

Carishma met him 10 years ago when she was looking for a choreographer for her new single. As soon as they met, she instantly knew that he was the right guy for the job and she asked him to choreograph her video “Glow in the Dark”. Their working relationship had unbeatable chemistry and the team at SpinKick Pictures became her go to when it comes to future artistic endeavours. Brian Thomas was also the Artistic Director of a commercial for her skincare product, “White Orange” check it out on or at

She recently finished her new album and hired SpinKick Pictures under Brian Thomas’ artistic and visionary leadership to direct and produce all of her music videos. Higher Love is the first of many to come.

About the Author: Brian Rubiano will be making his film producing debut to a documentary entitled FollowLeadLOVE under a Small Business/Independent Multi-Media Production company he co-founded Transend’Daens . He is also the company’s Director of Business Development, Creative and Collaborative Strategies. Brian is a proud US Air Force Veteran, Licensed Occupational Therapist, World Journeyer and a member of Actors Union (SAG-AFTRA and AEA). FollowLeadLOVE is Fiscally Sponsored 501(c)(3) via Fractured Atlas and is accepting Tax Deductible Contributions to help complete this documentary film project. For more behind the scenes video/photos and to get to know more about its subjects and production crew , make sure to follow it on Instagram @followleadlove

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