If You’re Not Exercising, Pay Yourself

Take a look at your calendar. No, really. Go look. We’ll wait.

Did you see meeting after meeting? Appointments, engagements, and social outings seem to fill our calendars to the brim — but what about making time to exercise? In our extremely busy lifestyles, we’re running in the fast lane, but we’re not actually running. Our jobs take up more time than we should allow — we spend a day at the office, go home, and work more. One thing that always seems to be pushed to the side is exercise. How do we fit both into our jam-packed day?

We totally get it on our end. We’re overloaded with work (and sometimes play) but pay no mind to the things we really need: exercise. However, we’ve found a trick that works for us. You have to pay yourself to exercise.

How do you go about that? Do it when you’re on the clock.

Go ahead and add “multitasking” to your list of skills on your resume

Take a Stand

We cannot give enough praise to the standing desk. According to juststand.org, a 150lb man will burn 1,200 calories standing 8 hours a day vs. his 150lb sitting coworker who only burns 900. That 300 calorie increase is a slice of pepperoni pizza, my friend. Don’t have a standing desk? Not a problem. These guys are an affordable option. Just make sure you’re standing on something comfortable.

Walk and Talk

If you’re not a slave to your desk but rather you find yourself in meetings all day, take them on the road. Walking meetings are fantastic for many reasons.

First off, creativity can be stifled when you’re sitting in a stale room for far too long. When you move around, you get the blood flowing to your brain, resulting in productive brainstorms. Walking also tends to cut out time you may have wasted while sitting.

Think about it. How many times have you been seating in a meeting and then realized you sat there way longer than you meant to because you were, well, sitting? Walking is also perfect for when you’re stuck on a particularly difficult problem.

Some of our favorite productive and successful businesspeople have been known to go for walking meetings. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Snoop Dogg come to mind.

Flip the script

Instead of bringing your walk to work, bring your work to your walk. Bring any creative or brainstorming work outdoors. (Fun fact: We came up with the outline for this post while on a walk!)

Try setting an agenda, and hitting the road with a fast note taking tool — you want to capture the spirit when it hits you. Robert Rodriguez likes the notes app on their iPhones for the speed of capture. For added convenience, you can sync it to your laptop to capture all those great ideas.

A critical factor is to let the exercise take a backseat to the thinking — if you need to stop to take a note, do it! There are many ways to exercise, but, only a few ways to make yourself feel productive.

Keep it 100

Remember, it takes roughly 21 days to create a habit. If you’re finding it difficult to add exercise to your workday, fit in into your nights and weekends. Pay yourself with your free time. Don’t let yourself relax until you’ve gone on that run or spin class. After a while, it will become old hat and you won’t want to live without it.

Think of it as Stockholm Syndrome that produces abs.

Still thinking you’re too busy to exercise? Try our tips and tricks. You’ll find that can be quite conducive to a productive workday

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