Change Your Scenery, Change Your Mindset

Founder and CEO of O2E Brands Brian Scudamore doesn’t have a designated “desk” and will pop into other departments to work. Photo by Junktion staff.

Even the most well-intentioned entrepreneur can’t be focused 100 per cent of the time. With a busy agenda, hundreds of employees, and little down time, it’s easy to lose focus. However, I’ve found that changing my scenery is key to re-gaining concentration.

One of the simplest ways to modify your environment during the workday is to sit next to someone you don’t know. Our headquarters have an open-office structure, making it easy to drop into different departments with my iPad. Thanks to the chameleon effect, the focus and enthusiasm of the employees I sit with rubs off on me. I also get a chance to see how they perceive both the company and their day-to-day tasks.

Surrounding myself with new people also challenges me to exemplify the core values of O2E Brands — passion, integrity, professionalism, and empathy (PIPE). By actively modeling company expectations, I feel re-energized about them myself and find it’s easier to focus throughout the day.

Overall, I’ve found that embracing a changing environment is essential to evolving entrepreneurism. It refreshes my passion for innovation and helps me adapt quickly to the dynamics of a growing company.

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