What might your advice be as a lower or middle-level marketing manager, trying to convince their…
Ben Sawicki

Hi Ben, Thanks so much for reading. It’s not possible for every person to take time off to think — especially a full day. I’m aware that as the CEO of my own company, I’m in a rare position to do that. However, I think that anyone who wants more for themselves — career development, personal success — can incorporate this strategy into their lives. It may not be a full 10 hours a week, and it may not be on a work day, but if you can even take an hour one night a week to reflect on your goals and where you want to be, I think that’s a great start. You can use the time to think about how to be better at your own job or visualize some of the personal goals you want to accomplish. It will help get you across the finish line! Cheers — B.

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