The One Question You Need to Ask Yourself Every Day

Contrary to what some marketers might tell you, there is no magic bullet for success. Success doesn’t happen over night, nor do any other worthwhile results.

While our victories may appear to others as singular events, they are the accumulation of hundreds if not thousands of smaller actions, sacrifices, and investments that took place behind the scenes. The victory is merely a milestone on a long and continuous road that started miles ago and likely has many miles ahead before the next one.

As Aristotle eloquently said, “we are what we repeatedly do.” Our realities are the sum of our daily choices, habits, and actions. Whether we commit to these habits, choices and actions with intention is up to us. Should we choose to make our daily choices with intention, the likelihood of reaching our desired result is far greater than whatever results (if any) might come from blindly traversing a road with an unknown destination.

When we align our actions with our intentions, we can accomplish anything we set out to accomplish. To ensure that your daily habits and choices are in sync with the type of life we’d like to live, we must ask ourselves:

If I lived every day the same way I lived today, what kind of future would that create?