What is Anarchy?

The principles of Anarchy have nothing to do with fear, violence, or hate. Islam is not terror, Christianity is not pederasty, and patriotism is not deluded conformity. Using isolated examples to represent the whole is a dangerous/destructive form of ignorance. Self-governance, Community, Truth, Nature, Enrichment of mind, body and soul. These are the principles of Anarchy that I believe in. That every single species of life on Earth adheres to — except humans. I am not advocating for a complete dissolution of order. I am advocating self-empowerment, accountability, justice. Liberation.

Education must be a holistic journey of self-discovery and spiritual expansion in a challenging but nurturing environment. Health care must begin within, aligned with the natural blessings of this bountiful biosphere which gives us life and all that we experience before death. Toxic consumption, the subtle introduction of a confluence of poisons. Prescription pills, processed food, alcohol, unhealthy production methods and subsequently less healthy food/drink. Poor water quality, poor air quality, corrosive leadership, social stress, cigarettes, and this is not counting illegal vices. These are both intentionaly imposed and voluntarily consumed. An awakening must prevail.

Restoration of community is shared outcome, a civility spawned of coexistence. Courtesy prevails where love and friendship fails. Anarchism does not preclude religious worship, but rather encourages the truthful essence in every aspect of existence. The conglomeration of various faiths for mass subjugation is a key piece of knowledge the faithful should be made aware of. The powers that rule this Earth and Universe are not human-centric, but rather Keepers of a fertile Garden in which we are free to grow by our own inclinations according to the free designs of our creation. Humility is essential.

To break the mold and begin anew, the Transcendent Properties of Positive Cultivation (TPPC) as a starting point rather than a complete blueprint. The only limits are imposed by us.

To the British Imperialist state, the noble forefathers celebrated in our history books were perceived as villains in Britain. They rose up against Taxation without Representation. A system of indentured servitude imposed by bankers and oppressors who sought to gain from the suffering of others. The Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism in the eyes of the British and an act of HEROISM among the American people.

‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than a standing army. The end of democracy will occur when the government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed corporations.’ -

~Thomas Jefferson 1816~

Anarchy is self-governance. There is no socialist-anarchism or communist-anarchism or any other derivation of the natural state of every single existence upon this planet for each individual, each ecosystem, the entire world. Every species on this planet besides mankind is wholly anarchistic. Some of the mightiest societies of recorded history adhered to many principles of anarchy: The ‘ancient barbarian’ Germanic tribes, a people Tacitus the Roman historian paints with a much different brush than that of the savage, primitive brute:

‘No nation indulges more profusely in entertainments and hospitality. To exclude any human being from their roof is thought impious; every German, according to his means, receives his guest with a well-furnished table. When his supplies are exhausted, he who was but now the host becomes the guide and companion to further hospitality, and without invitation they go to the next house. It matters not; they are entertained with like cordiality. No one distinguishes between an acquaintance and a stranger, as regards the rights of hospitality. It is usual to give the departing guest whatever he may ask for, and a present in return is asked with as little hesitation. They are greatly charmed with gifts, but they expect no return for what they give, nor feel any obligation for what they receive.

This people is neither cunning nor subtle. On waking from sleep, which they generally prolong for a late hour of the day, they take a bath, most often of warm water, which suits a country where winter is the longest of the seasons. He also tells us a people far to the east who seem to be the poorest people on Earth, yet are the happiest. With no gods, because it seems they are utterly satisfied and have nothing to pray for”’ (Oxford/Birley)

Also the Comanches, lords of the southwestern plains, and Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire adhered to many principles of Anarchy and scorned material wealth, keeping true to their harsh but noble uprbringing on the oceanic steppe and hardscrabble plains.

That is one fallacy attached to anarchy, an utter lack of leadership or direction. Like a bunch of 5-year olds left home alone.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Merit-based, communal leadership which puts the interest of all far ahead of any selfish individual pursuit. Accountability to truth and posterity, balanced nature. Anarchy is for the ancestors! Anarchy is that feeling of being embraced by a community, doing right and caring for one’s neighbor as a natural course of being. Transcendentalism. An organic environment in which goodness prevails for the sake of goodness alone.

The chief argument against the radical, revolutionary change I speak of is that it is too difficult, too drastic. This is an admission of one’s own limited imagination, not a true obstacle. We must never allow this to interfere with our destination.

Anarchy is not about casting blame or focusing on symptoms. Anarchy is solution-driven, adherence to truth and natural laws. A villainous word when it comes to popular perception, we must remember: From the perspective of a disease, the cure is the enemy. If you have ever been on a camping trip or been to a hardcore show, you participated in an environment of positive anarchy! I may be on a fool’s errand to be promoting change based on a word that closes most ears, but I am a stubborn fool. Enlighten to live better, expand your soul to find pure joy in each passing moment of life. Words mean nothing, actions write history books.

An experiment:

I implore you to explore YOU.


Not this identity cast upon you, not this halfway version we all settle on….but a truly unbridled vision of your daily life without any restrictions or outside input.

An existence molded by your own desires and dreams — infinite and unbridled.


Really use your imagination. There is no limit to this blueprint of You.

Are you still contemplating the beauty of such an existence and wondering how on Earth it might come true??

Congratulations! , you have just had your first thought as an Anarchist!

Set your mind free, the body will follow.

Set your self free, others will follow.

Break these chains and help build a new tomorrow…

(Your spirit must first be fully awakened before it can truly expand.)

Do not follow me. Grow with me: We are the Anarchist Actioneers! Our super powers are love and truth! Building a better future today for tomorrow’s youth.