Fresh, Modern, Finance?

Fresh and modern aren’t usually found in the same sentence as financial analysis. It seems like ages ago computers revolutionized finance for the little guy with charting and trading software, but then innovation slowed drastically in the 1990's. Professional finance got extremely fast and kept innovating. Meanwhile personal finance got great tools to track spending and budgets, and for tracking portfolio returns such as Mint and Personal Capital. Then finally it seems like a lot of great robo-advisors are removing the need to understand indexing and modern portfolio theory for the little guy, usually with a small additional percentage based fee. Companies like Betterment, Wealthfront, WiseBanyan, SigFig, FutureAdvisor, and Blooom as well as brokerage firms like Charles Schwab are all entering this white hot space and we think that is great.

However there will always be the tinkerers, DIY investors, and traders, both novice and professional that still want to make active investing decisions. They have plenty of amazing software options on the high end for analysis, but unless you can shell out a few thousand a month for professional software you’re limited to what are essentially scanners and charting platforms many of which are still expensive, unless you decide to work with whatever your broker was able to throw together. We feel this class of people has been neglected so we’ve been hard at work taking the first step at filling that gap between super high end, and everyone else when it comes to financial analysis.

A few of these fundamental strategies or data points can be scraped together in an excel spreadsheet, one security at a time, but wouldn’t it be better if you just got that data, beautifully plotted in seconds?

Even more interestingly, what if you wanted to ask data more advanced questions?

Here are a few we wanted to know:

  • I own $AAPL, what are a few securities that have been inversely correlated with $AAPL the past 6 months I can research?
  • How can I look at a stock and instantly and beautifully see how it’s valued compared to its peer group and industry?
  • How can I get news, fundamental, technical, statistical, and economic data on one monitor from one source instead of 10?
  • A stock I’ve been looking at has fallen 5 days in a row, historically what has happened next?
  • My stock rose 7% in the past month, historically what has happened next?
  • Is the entire market over or under valued?
  • How is $AMZN’s valuation and fundamentals changing over time?
Actual preview of
Actual preview of historical runtime and seasonality analysis, as well as FRED financial stress and monthly Shiller PE (CAPE)

If you’re curious about these types of questions for your own research we can answer them for you. Coming out of beta soon is a Wall Street tool, with a Silicon Valley mentality. We won’t advise you, we’re not out to manage your assets, but if we’ve given you a new content when looking at a stock before clicking that buy/sell button we’re a success. There is a whole world outside of moving averages and OHLC. Become a part of it.

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