Hey Brian great article man, I agree with a lot of these suggestions.
Bryan Slodden

Hey thanks Bryan! I’m really glad Go has been such a big hit too, I grew up with Pokémon and it’s neat to see how wide the appeal is with this one, and how much it really does get people out and about and meeting each other. It’s been unique to social experience, as far as I can tell; nothing in the information age has gotten people out in the numbers that Pokémon Go has.

It’s definitely got a lot of potential, I’m actually about to update the article with a couple more ideas (and remove the server fixes, since they’ve been stable for about a week now). I just hope they use the potential well, if they don’t I could see things dying out in a couple of months.

I’ve still got some old Pokémon games, so I’ll have to look into Bonavendi, I haven’t heard of it before, thanks for the tip!