5 Valuable Mind-Set Busting Beliefs for Achieving Your Goals

It’s the New Year! The time when things are bright and shiny and new. Hopes are anew for the best year ever…and even if these first few days of the New Year have been rocky you can still have a great 2016! Oftentimes it’s our mindset that holds us back from our dreams; here are 5 Mind-Set Busting Beliefs for Achieving your Goals in 2016.

Believe You Will Succeed

Too often we allow ourselves to be overcome by invisible barriers that are in our own heads. We think we won’t succeed because of circumstances surrounding us. But that is just not true. Some of the most successful people have been those who have been in the most dire of circumstances. They used their trials and difficulties as fuel to making the changes they needed to succeed. Sometimes success looks different than what we may think.

This year refuse to be held hostage by your own limiting beliefs. If you have a dream or goal you would like to see attained this year stop looking to excuses that someone else has more ability, education, intelligence, resources, experience, luck, will-power, time or money. You have access to all you need to attain your goal because of Christ. It’s time to stop allowing these limiting beliefs from derailing you.

Get Past Your Past

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt all come from unresolved experiences from your past. Past failures don’t define you, but teach you. They are an important part of your journey toward your goal. They teach you what works and what doesn’t. Failures and mistakes help you appreciate the journey and work it takes to attain your goal. I recently wrote about how overachievers need to experience failure in order to succeed, which you can read here.

It’s important to think optimistically about your failures in the past as stepping-stones toward your future and not walls keeping you from your goals or dream. Your future does not equal your past. Your future success in an area of life does not equal your former family issues, your previous failed relationships, your prior unfulfilling jobs, etc… Think about those previous failures as lessons and what you have learned from them.

Be Intentional in Goal Setting

Goal setting is a valuable tool for attaining your dreams and aspirations in life. There are those who would say goal setting can be counterproductive or is not engaging rest. But I would argue that authentic living involves being intentional with your time. Having a few goals helps you focus on WHERE you want to be intentional with your time. It gives you a compass to know whether to say yes or no to engaging in a relationship, project or other time-consuming activity.

Setting specific goals with small, but concrete action steps and deadlines is a crucial step in realizing your aspirations for 2016. Breaking your big yearly goal into smaller, simple, sub-goals helps to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. I talk more about this concept in my post 3 Dream-killers and how to overcome them.

Know Your Why

Knowing and remembering why you have chosen this aspiration is integral to succeeding this year. Those who are emotionally invested in their goals tend to have the fortitude needed to meet their goal at the end of the year. At some point in this year you will want to give up. Things will go great and then, BAM…you will hit that messy middle point when you have to ask yourself, WHY am I doing this again? Make sure you know the answer to that question BEFORE you hit that moment. It might be next week, next month or 6 months from now…but it is coming. You will lose your way when you lose your why.

When that moment of “it’s too hard” hits and you begin to think about how much easier it would be to quit…to abandon your plans, intentions and goals for the year… make sure you are asking yourself the right questions. Having a strong faith in who you are because of Christ makes all the difference when you want to give up. You are capable of doing this thing. Because of Christ you are enough.

Remember; “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great.”- Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own

Initiate & GO!

Procrastination is the detriment of dreams. When we delay our initiative while waiting for the right time, environment, circumstance or season we tend to really just be procrastinating. Sometimes we do this out of fear…and sometimes just because we have a bad habit of procrastinating! If it’s because of fear back up and start over…But if you are delaying out of pure procrastination get moving NOW! Feeling overwhelmed? Start with the smallest or easiest task of your sub-goals. Once finished start another. Your path becomes clearer when you are in motion. Keep your eyes ahead, focused on your why, as you take steps toward the next goal.

Taking bite-sized chunks of your goals and completing them will help you experience accomplishment. When you can see and feel evidence of accomplishment it spurs you on to keep going. Sometimes there is a season where you have to wait. That is ok. Perhaps your goal is legitimately not for THIS year. But if that is not the case remember your why and start working toward a sub-goal.

Below are some action exercises for the tools mentioned above. Use them to help you this year in attaining your goals. Whether it’s organizing your home, losing weight, writing a book or even maintaining quiet time with God in a busy schedule, you have tools and choices you can make toward your goals this year.

Mind-Set Busting Action Exercises

  1. Identify 3 limiting beliefs you have had and replace them with truth.
  2. Identify a failure in your past. What did this failure make possible for you today?
  3. Write 5 specific goals you have for 2016 and give them a concrete deadline.
  4. Break each big goal down into smaller sub-goals for each month.
  5. Identify your why for the goals you listed above.


Originally published at unveiledandrevealed.com on January 4, 2016.

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