Amazon + Retailers

Retailers have a rocky relationships with Amazon. In the article “How Retailers can put Amazon to Work for Them,” Adam Dorfman discusses how brick-and-mortar retailers are not fully utilizing online outlets such as Amazon due to a ‘personal’ dislike. Amazon is known for taking consumers from retailers and so retailers are generally unwilling to use Amazon to sell their products. However, this only leads to retailers ignoring a possibly lucrative business opportunity.

A few key points from the article is the efficiency of digital selling and the importance of creating a unique experience in brick-and-mortar stores. Online selling is efficient and extremely popular. Consumers can easily purchase what they are looking for and discover new brands or items. Recommended and related items can expand horizons and encourage the consumer to keep shopping.

There are many online outlets to choose from and Amazon is on the top. Amazon is becoming more popular than Google when looking for something to buy. According to the article, 38% of shoppers begin searching for items on Amazon versus the 35% that search using Google. Selling on Amazon can greatly increase business and bring in new consumers from around the world.

Using Amazon does not require a business to abandon their brick-and-mortar store. Instead, the store should provide a unique experience for the shopper through a good atmosphere and special in-store products. Physical stores can build a community that cannot be found online.

I agree that stores should sell online and consider Amazon as a possible partner. If the retail store is particularly small, it could be extremely difficult to build an online presence alone. Using Amazon to build a customer base would be useful and beneficial.


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