Blogging 101

Welcome to “Medium”

Should I start with why I am here or who I am or possibly what I plan to do here?

This is my first real attempt at blogging. Let’s start with that. As a teenager, I had a wonderful, perfect, beautiful Tumblr. But as I got older, Ididn’t have time for it anymore and I lost interest in it. But that was a different kind of blog — I mostly ‘reblogged’ photos I thought were cool and ranted about boys. This…well, this is I want to be a place for me to share my stories. My trials and errors, my cooking attempts, my messy DIYs, honest product reviews and a place to express to myself. I have been struggling while searching for a hobby and I am hoping that I quite possibly found it here.

Now for the“about me” portion, I guess, huh? Well; here goes nothing…my name is Brianne and I am 22 years old. I am a social media manager, website editor, graphics designer & online customer service manager at a local year round Halloween Store. I also model in my free time. I am published on the cover of J. Valentine’s 2016 ravewear catalog. I also like to practice yoga. I always struggle with these silly bio sections because I don’t have very many things that I like to do. But I am learning and trying new things as I go. I just moved into a beautiful home with my boyfriend so I have become a Pinterest Queen trying to make a wonderful home us. I do many DIY’s and am in the process of many decorating projects! I am also teaching myself how to cook because what home doesn’t always have hot, yummy & freshly cooked meals on the table?

I am going to keep this short and simple. Just who I am and why I’m here. That’s all for now, folks. I am off to figure out how to work this place….TTYS.

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