Gods of Children and Trees

Brianne Kohl
Jun 2, 2017 · 1 min read

We refuse to believe…

…in a warming earth

…in a melting ice cap

…in a rising sea

What are these things, we ask, but acts of one God?

…a hurricane that levels a village

…a drought to kill all our crops

…a child, dead on the shoreline

All, acts of God.

And, we believe it, listing these things on insurance claims and death certificates.

These forms, so black and white.

So starkly written.

But, in the margins, look. The paper, itself, knows better.

What are we but gods of children and trees?

Brianne Kohl

Written by

Writer, Not afraid of ouija boards. Find me in @CatapultStory @TheBohemyth @MastersReview @CrackTheSpine @SparkAnthology and @TheReviewReview

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