The Shoes — Stay The Same

The Shoes, or Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Lebeau, are the kinds of guys who don’t want to do things like the others. They just do the music they want, even if it can sounds electronic on one song, and ultra-pop on an other. Native from a town called Reims (Champagne region. Yeah, the area of the Champagne drink. Doesn’t it sound cool?) they already released two records since five years, and became famous outside of France because of a videoclip with Jake Gylenhaal in it. But, to me, the most touching song they made is “Stay The Same”. A true sad pop track, one that will make you feel melancholic in few seconds. Watch it, and the music will remind you memories. Good or bad, it’s all yours.

Boston Bun — Paris Groove

Boston Bun is a Parisian DJ who just wanted to say that he loves his city. Signed on Ed Banger Records label, he just released a new track to claim his love for Paris. The result : a terrible electronic funky track called “Paris Groove” with American genius Mayer Hawthorne on vocals. Simple, efficient, dancy, Boston Bun’s new single will just make you want to move your ass all night long. That’s how Paris works !

Club Cheval — Discipline

I remember doing a little test with my non-french roommates in the U.S. We were just drinking beers in our living room, listening to some electronic & rap hits before moving to a party. Suddenly I took my phone, typed “Club Cheval” on Spotify, put the music, and waited. It seemed like he was liking the song. And so, I said : “It’s french, bud”. He stared at me, and said what I was expecting to hear : “Oh really? It sounds American”. Club Cheval is made of 4 guys from north of France, who do music that can be described as “electronic/R’N’B and strange other stuffs” mix of music. They met in college, and never stopped doing music together. And when you have a guy who’s crazy about techno music, another who always listens to huge trap bangers, a third one who’s into house music, and a sensitive guy who’s crying on tearful R’n’B songs, it inevitably makes a new type of music. And so, here’s Club Cheval : an electronic superband which releases party hits. Sometimes techno, sometimes R’n’B, but always good. (First album coming next year)

Petit Fantôme — L

Loneliness. What a good english word. One that means much more things in English than in French. Most of the time, you create better things in every domains when you’re feeling like this. Just focusing on yourself. That’s exactly what is Petit Fantôme (“Little Ghost”). A sensitive French guy who makes music in his room, and releases it. But while you and I try to write English articles (whereas you’re French), or makes music on Garage Band (I already did. And hope anyone’s gonna listen to these pieces of crap) Pierre Loustaunau takes his guitar and writes GOOD songs. Songs that are extremely personal, but that also speak for everyone. Because we all felt in love, we all suffered from a girl who broke up with us (also), or we all felt very sad or happy late at night. “L” is this type of song : a declaration of love to a French girl, one that makes you crazy, and you’re thinking about all the time. And so you ask her to “take a picture of yourself, again” (“photographie moi, encore”).

Superpoze — Opening

Let’s get deeper into the sensitive side of French music : Superpoze is a young musician from a town called Caen in Normandy. After releasing some good tracks on the Internet, he released his first album “Opening” this year. A compromise between smooth electronic beats and powerful piano chords, which is, for me, already an instant classic. An album that you can listen for long years. “Opening” is a softness that you can’t miss, a record that will obviously touch you. And so, here’s a live video of three tracks from this album, played by Superpoze himself in Paris. All black and white, all beautiful.