How to sign a transaction using the Jaxx wallet
Nov 29, 2017 · 4 min read

If you contributed Bitcoin or Litecoin to our ICO, you will need to send us three pieces of information to claim your Brickblock Tokens (BBK).

  • The Bitcoin or Litecoin address you used to contribute from
  • The Ethereum address where you would like to receive your BBK
  • A cryptographic signature proving you, as the owner of the Ethereum address, also own the Bitcoin or Litecoin address from which you contributed.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for how to generate a signature using the Jaxx wallet.

For instructions on the other two requirements, please click here.

Jaxx for Chrome

Jaxx does not have a feature for signing messages. Thus we must first export the Bitcoin or Litecoin private key, and then import it into Electrum. After that we will use Electrum to sign our message.

Follow these steps:

Export your Bitcoin or Litecoin private key

  • Open Jaxx (here shown inside the Chrome/Chromium web browser)
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • Click “Tools”.
  • Click “Backup Wallet”.
  • Click “View Backup Phrase”.
  • Wait for 5 seconds.
  • Click “I UNDERSTAND”. A secret code will be shown, and it’s important that you don’t tell anybody this code. This code must be kept your secret!
  • Write down these words.

Import the private key into Electrum

For the next part, you need to download the Bitcoin wallet “Electrum”. If you are using Litecoin, download Electrum Litecoin.

Electrum download
Electrum Litecoin download

After you have downloaded and installed Electrum, follow these steps:

  • Open Electrum (or Electrum Litecoin — they work the same way)
  • Select “Auto Connect” and click “Next”.
  • Optionally type a name for your wallet file.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Select “Standard wallet” and click “Next”.
  • Select “I already have a seed” and click “Next”.
  • Click “Options”.
  • Select “BIP39 seed” and click “OK”.
  • Enter the seed that Jaxx gave you earlier.
  • Let Account Number be 0 and click “Next”.
  • Set a password (optional, but a good idea) and click “Next”.
  • You are done with this step! Now there is just one more step to claiming your Brickblock Tokens (BBK).

Now follow the steps in the Electrum tutorial to sign the message in Electrum. Once you have the signature, copy it and send it to us on our token claim page (coming soon).

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