Brickblock spins off its customer-focused brand ScalingFunds and re-focuses on what it does best: Building durable core securities systems for custodians.

Since 2017 Brickblock’s vision has always been to make investing in investment funds and real-world assets more transparent and financially inclusive throughout all income classes, geographies, and demographics.


ScalingFunds Platform

We are very excited to announce the launch of ScalingFunds, a brand of our German-affiliated company, Brickblock Digital Services GmbH.

ScalingFunds is a funds- as-a-service white label product that leverages blockchain technology to help fund managers automate investor onboarding, efficiently communicate with investors, and enable the trade or transfer of…

Skip the tutorial and go straight to the BBK Manager here.

Brickblock tokens (BBK) are utility tokens that can be activated to generate Access tokens (ACT) or deactivated and traded on exchanges.

Activated BBK tokens automatically generate Access tokens (ACT), which are used to pay for fees incurred by Brickblock’s…

Welcome to our monthly review.

October progressed in much the same way as August and September as we continued aligning all of the components required to facilitate the sale of our first client’s tokenized real estate investment.

Over the past month we secured two key partnerships in achieving this goal…

Brickblock uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to make real estate investments easier, cheaper, and more accessible.

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