For my undergrad, I went to a prestigious university in Canada and studied Drama there. In China, the path of performance arts is not considered a popular one, so a lot of my friends from China and Hong Kong were surprised when they found out about my major. One of them were absolutely amazed and teased me, “you must be living a dramatic life.” I laughed. Honestly I didn’t see the connection; it made no sense to me. But as I reflected on how remarkably my life has changed in the past few months, I realized she was probably right. I am living a fairly dramatic life. And that’s how this blog was born.

This blog — the writing, the content — does not reflect my academic and professional performance. It’s for personal purpose. However, what I have experienced — what will be explored in this blog — has challenged and is reshaping my viewpoints and my life attitudes which will eventually inform my work in my current field.

Also, this website is overtly sexual and therefore not recommended for anyone under 18.

(Written on June 13, 2015, en route to Banff.)

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