I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

You said this so well. And it was incredibly interesting to see things from your point of view, since you experienced things on both sides of thought regarding gender issues.

Some folks still think “feminism” means “putting women above men” when really it’s all about leveling the playing field so we all benefit. Things work best when we work together! It will always be that way.

MRAs, especially the fringe-y ones you mentioned on the extreme, start thinking the world is against them when they hear about women’s or minorities stories, when really all this discussion on women and minorities is simply because there’s so much told from a male, predominately white, perspective. It’s hard for them to see that, I think, that the majority of media and discussion takes place from a white, male perspective, and that everything else is there to try and play catch up, and tell stories that represent a broader audience.